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New investment on CO-exstrusion technology

The Coex Tecnology for Polyethylene film multi-layer production, consists in using different materials in different layers for a better cost and quality product .To be underlined is the fact that this technology in this field is very developed in Europe and through all the world .

Recycling waste collection network consolidated

Paralel to the distribution network is another strong network of collecting, stocking and selection of the polyethylene materials for recycling, ensuring so not only a part of the primary raw materials in the country, but also giving a crucial positive impact to the environment, a necessary condition this one for..Read More

Distribution Network started

With the aim of being closer to the customers to meet all their needs, the company has invested to set up a network of distribution in the main cities, covering so the territory of the country with retails (door to door sales). Shkoder, Kukës, Elbasan, Korçë, Fier and Gjirokastër, while..Read More

ISO 9001 Certified

New Company ETNA POLYMER was founded in Korca region ISO 9001 :2008 has been implemented since 2008 , as a consolidated sustainability of the quality and responsibility , in front of the increasing requests of the market for quality products MADE IN ALBANIA. CSR Awarded since 2007, the company is..Read More

New production Facility

Due to the need of more space in order to be able to respond to the market, the company invested in a 7.000 m2 area , with the recycling department divided from the other production department. Also the warehouses were organized according to the logistic need of the sales department..Read More

First exports to EU

The company started exports in Italy, and eventually in other countries in the region such as Greece, Kosovo, Montenegro, Turkey , France, etc. Our export customers are mainly HORECA materials merchandisers, public or non public institutions, with direct or indirect purchase, producers of furniture, producers of basic hotels’ products etc…Read More

Investment on new technology for production

• The company invested in technology for completing the production , the processes passes through these phases: • Processing of the material for recycling and the production of the recycled raw material. • Production of the polyethylene plastic film from the virgin or recycled raw material. • Printing of the..Read More