New Company ETNA POLYMER was founded in Korca region

ISO 9001 :2008 has been implemented since 2008 , as a consolidated sustainability of the quality and responsibility , in front of the increasing requests of the market for quality products MADE IN ALBANIA.

CSR Awarded since 2007, the company is one of the best examples about the responsibility toward the environment, its employees, customers and all other factors related to the activity itself and furthermore it gives the possibility of self-employment of the needy people.

ISO 14001 is implemeted in the process of the collection-selection-recycling of the polyethylene materials, this as a fact which will guarantee the serious image of the company according to the last developments in the country, trying to encourage the recycling as one of the important instruments for a sustainable environment standard, and that avoids totally the loses of the values of the nature and the conservation of the international standards for the environment.